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Conceptual design in planning and elevation

Conceptual drawings are the drawings prepared by the Architect which shows the Basic floor plans along with the placement of rooms and Actual arrangement of furniture in 2D format on the floor plan. Once the 2D floor plan is Finalized / Approved as per the clients requirement then a 3DElevation view will be Proposed.Before starting any project Concept drawings are must, because it helps the clients to understand the overall Budget required and the project view. Also Making sure that the Project doesn’t overshoot the initial budget planned.

Structural Design

Structural drawings are the detailed drawings given by a Structural Engineer, who designs the Structure in accordance with the Architectural floor plans given by the Architect, with a high degree of safety standards in a cost efficient way.
Some of the reinforcement drawings include column positions, beam layouts, foundation details, footing details, slab reinforcement detailing, RCC frame-work etc.

Interior Design

Design of interiors for residential or commercial projects. Providing 3D perspective views for the finalized interior layout arrangement,showing the conceptual design elements.

Development Works, including Landscaping

The development of any project follows some major phases in project life cycle. For the success of the project, the project team must successfully plan, organize and control their work activities so that they are performed in proper sequence and on time. The steps involved in development of a construction project from scratch are-
   1.Conceptual phase
   2.Proposal phase
   3.Project design phase
Landscape works positively contribute to the amenity and environmental sustainability of urban and suburban areas in our city. Landscaping can also add to the value of your property.

Green Design (Eco-friendly)

Recommendation in design of utilization of locally available natural materials which has a very less or minimum carbon foot print . Some of the green building materials are: Aluminium, Rocks, Fabric, Ceramics, Fly ash, Cellular light Weight concrete, Sintered Light Weight Aggregate, Bamboo, etc

Land surveying

Land surveying is the technique, profession, and science of determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional position of points and the distances and angles between them. A proper land survey can provide definite property boundaries to help you better plan for construction management teams, as well as save you the trouble of property line disputes with current or future neighbors. Land surveys can optimize construction placement and preparation so the work can begin without any issues.


Construction cost estimates is the forecast of cost of construction of a project. Estimating cost of construction projects is the first step for any project management. In any construction activity, two basic things are involved, namely, the quantity aspect and the quality aspect.
The quantity aspect covers the quantum of works involved in and estimation of the materials and labours required for construction. The quality aspect is governed by the specifications for the materials and workmanship.
Types of estimates-

Preliminary Estimate- “Order of Magnitude”

Detailed (Definitive ) Estimate

House Plans

2D floor plans with Working Drawing, will be given which will show the overall layout showing living, dinning, kitchen, bedrooms, foyer, 2D interior layout etc…
Working drawings are the detailed drawings, required by the Junior Engineer, to execute the Project as per the planned concept.
Some of the Working drawings are civil layouts, electrical drawings, plumbing drawings, elevation working drawings, grill , windows, doors drawings etc..
For a Better Project execution, an Architect has to provide working detail drawings covering each and every minute details of the Project.

3D Elevation

A 3D Elevation is a 3 Dimensional view which is prepared by the interior designer for a Project Based on the Final floor plans approved by Architects.
A 3D view helps the clients see their Project well in advance, So that they can do any Changes to the Building at the very initial conceptual stage , rather than going for a Modification when the project is under execution.

Construction Contracts